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The invisaWear Team's Favorite App Feature

The invisaWear Team's Favorite App Feature

McKayla Torres -
Rajia Abdelaziz, Founder and CEO 
I use the video call feature all the time! Most calming feature if you think anything at all is off because ADT can see your surroundings!
Ray Hamilton, Co-Founder and CTO
The video call feature gives our users the most advanced form of protection while on the go. Being able to record live video and audio which can be used as evidence if necessary is a game changer for victims. For all other moments of uncertainty, it gives peace of mind to have a trained ADT agent available 24/7 whenever they need it.
McKayla Torres,  Senior Marketing Coordinator 
My favorite is the chat feature! It is SO discreet and no one would ever know I am actually texting an ADT agent who could send help my way if at any point I need it. If I am ever in an uncomfortable situation I know that they have my back and are available 24/7.
Rachel St Amant, Business Development Manager
My favorite feature is the Video Call Feature - I love that if I ever feel uncomfortable I can live video chat with an ADT professional. They are able to virtually escort me to safety whether I want someone to walk me to my car, finish a run with me or walk through my house after hearing an odd noise. They are there to guide me, observe my surroundings and reassure me of my safety or get me the help I need immediately.
Adam Iskander, Customer Success Representative
My favorite feature is the reassurance call since it lets people have help on stand by and just someone to help keep  them safe no matter how small the situation may be.