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Realtor Safety Tips

Realtor Safety Tips

McKayla Torres -

Being a realtor is an exciting and dynamic profession, but it also comes with inherent risks. Realtors often find themselves in vulnerable situations when showing homes to strangers, making it one of the most dangerous professions. However, with the right safety precautions and tools like invisaWear, real estate agents can enhance their personal safety and navigate these challenges with confidence.

Safety Tips for Realtors:
1. Inform Others: Always let someone know your showing schedule, including the property address and client details.
2. Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off or suspicious, trust your gut and prioritize your safety.
3. Buddy System: Whenever possible, bring a colleague or use a buddy system for added security during showings.
4. Pre-screen Clients: Prioritize client safety by pre-screening potential buyers and meeting them in a public place before showing a property.
5. Stay Visible: Avoid isolated showings and ensure that you are visible to others in the area.
6. Maintain Communication: Keep your phone handy and maintain regular check-ins with colleagues or loved ones during showings.
7. Self-Defense Training: Consider taking self-defense classes to equip yourself with essential skills and techniques.
8. Emergency Preparedness: Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and have a plan in case of an unsafe situation.
9. Personal Safety Devices: Utilize tools like invisaWear, a discreet wearable device that can send an SOS alert to emergency contacts when activated.
10. Trust Your Intuition: If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a showing, it's okay to end the appointment and prioritize your well-being.

Remember, your safety is paramount. By implementing these safety tips and utilizing tools like invisaWear, real estate agents can enhance their personal security and confidently navigate the challenges of their profession.