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Live Video Call: Video chat with an ADT agent using the invisaWear® app. The agent can provide it as evidence to authorities if requested.

Reassurance Calls: Think of this as having a 'virtual companion' who is available to you 24/7. An ADT agent can stay with you on the phone anytime you feel unsafe. With live GPS tracking, they can get you help quickly if you need it.

Chat: If you're unable to speak on the phone or need to be discreet but don't yet need emergency assistance, you can text an ADT agent 24/7 using the invisaWear® app.

Activity Tracking: Be proactive about your safety by inviting ADT ( and emergency contacts if you choose ) to track you via GPS for a set time. ADT will not alert your emergency contacts and 9-1-1 if the timer expires and you don’t respond.

Self-Defense Classes: As a premium customer, you also get complimentary access to virtual self-defense classes hosted once a quarter.

invisaWear® products are compatible with both iOS and Android devices!