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Care Instructions

Tips to Keep Your invisaWear Looking Beautiful

We hope you’re loving wearing your new invisaWear! We wanted to share our jewelry care instructions to keep your invisaWear in the best shape possible.


Tip #1: Avoid getting lotion, perfume, or hair spray on or near your invisaWear

Perfumes, lotion, and hair spray contain ingredients that can cause your invisaWear to discolor or tarnish. Keep your invisaWear away from any chemicals that could ruin the finish. Put on lotions, hair sprays, and perfumes and let it dry before you put on your invisaWear.


Tip #2: Don’t get water anywhere near your jewelry 

Technology can be damaged if it’s wet, so please make sure when you wash your hands that you avoid getting the jewelry submerged or splashed with water. We suggest taking it off or pulling it up your forearm to avoid getting it wet. Never wear it in a pool, sauna, shower, etc.


Tip #3: Store your invisaWear in a jewelry box 

To make sure your invisaWear jewelry is stored safely, please make sure to store it in a jewelry box when you're not wearing it. 


Tip # 4: Don’t use jewelry cleaner

Cleaner made for gold, silver, or platinum is way too harsh for jewelry made from brass. It could actually cause your jewelry to discolor. If you want to use a cloth to clean your jewelry, pick one up from a jewelry store like Pandora. Their jewelry also has a brass interior. 


Tip # 5: Put your jewelry on after hair spray and makeup

To make sure your jewelry doesn’t get any hair spray or residue from makeup on it, put your jewelry on after you're fully clothed and your hair and make-up are done.


Thank you for reading these tips! We hope your invisaWear continues to look in tip top shape!