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Top 9 Realtor Safety Tips

Top 9 Realtor Safety Tips

McKayla Torres -

We often don't consider real estate work to be dangerous, however, agents typically work alone showing properties to people they don't know. Safety is top priority and non-negotiable!

Beverly Carter was a real estate broker who was kidnapped and murdered after being perceived to be a "rich broker who worked alone." We want to make sure this never happens to another real estate worker again. 

In honor of Realtor Safety Month, we've curated a list of top safety tips for agents. 

  1. Show properties before dark! If this isn't a possibility ensure all the lights are turned on as you show the property. Also, make sure the shades and curtains are open to allow visibility.
  2. Safe + Accessible Parking - Don't park in the driveway or in a position that would allow you to be blocked in by another car. Also, park in a well-lit visible location.
  3. Touch base - Always let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. Also, share with them the name and phone number of the client you are meeting. 
  4. Take note - Jot down a description of the client/s as well as their license plate number. 
  5. Be aware - Know all of your exits and have at least two escape plans. Also, be aware of where your cell phone is at all times.
  6. Don't Lead - When showing a property never be the first to enter a room - always have the client walk in front of you, don’t lead them. Use gestures to direct them. 
  7. Limit information shared - Don't share too much personal information! A client should never know your full name and home address. 
  8. Self-defense - While the primary goal in a threatening situation is to escape and call for help. Every real estate agent should take a basic self-defense course. 
  9. Invest in an invisaWear - If you’re ever in an emergency situation simply double-press the back of your invisaWear charm and you’ll notify your 5 pre-selected emergency contacts, and optionally 9-1-1, with an S.O.S alert and your GPS location. 

We are thrilled to partner with the Beverly Carter Foundation to create a custom invisaWear charm in honor of Beverly's memory. A portion of the proceeds is donated directly back to the foundation to help keep realtors safe!

The Beverly Carter Foundation (BCF) is a completely independent not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the ideal that every agent goes home safe every day by providing scientifically based research, information, consulting, training, and support at little to no charge to every MLS, association, brokerage, and agent.