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The Team Shares Their Favorite invisaWear Styles!

The Team Shares Their Favorite invisaWear Styles!

McKayla Torres -

invisaWear Jewelry and Accessories are one of the hottest gifts this Holiday Season! Whether your purchasing for a loved one or yourself, it'll bring peace of mind knowing that help is a double-press away. When the charm is double-pressed, ADT will alert loved ones and optionally 9-1-1 that the user is in trouble along with the GPS location. 

Check out some of our favorite styles below:


Rajia - CEO

"My favorite is the Gold Flower Keychain because it's easily accessible if you put it on your purse or keys!"

Ray - CTO

 "I like the Black Keychain the most. It conveniently fits right on my keys which I always have on me, and I love the color!"

Kristina - Sales Manager

"My favorite invisaWear is the Gold Chain Necklace. It was the first invisaWear I ever got so it holds a special place in my heart. I always get compliments on this gorgeous necklace! It goes with almost everything I have and is a classic style that I love!"

McKayla - Marketing Coordinator

"I would have to say that my favorite is the pink self-defense keychain because it's an all in one style that I take with me everywhere I go!"

Lauren - Brand & Social Media Coordinator

"My favorite is the Athletic Band because it's great for people who like to stay active and I am a frequent gym goer."

Taylor - Customer Success Manager

"My current favorite is probably the Black Scrunchie. It's SUPER discreet and can also hold my house keys and I can wear it in my hair or on my wrist. It's awesome!"

Christine - Customer Success Representative

"My favorite is the Silver Limelife Necklace.  It has a classic look and I get many compliments on how pretty it is!"

Sarah - Customer Success Representative

"My favorite is the sunkissed scrunchie! I like that I can wear it in my hair or place it on my wrist. Also, it has such a beautiful color that goes with anything!"

Ed - Branding and Content Creator

"My favorite is the black key chain because it's unisex, discreet, and sometimes a great conversation starter."

Team Favorites

While we all have our own personal favorite invisaWear accessories, we all agree that it is crucial to layer up on personal safety! One of our favorite products is the Cup Cover Scrunchie in partnership with NightCap. This scrunchie helps prevent drink spiking and we believe it is an important product to have handy!

We are all HUGE fans of the self-defense keychains in partnership with Fabulyss Boutique! These keychains are equipped with an invisaWear keychain, pepper spray, self-defense tool, light/loud alarm, a lip balm holder, and a pompom. There is no such thing as having too many personal safety items. Plus, the keychain is chic and such a fun accessories to add to your keychain and/or purse!