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Spring Break Safety Tips

Spring Break Safety Tips

McKayla Torres -

Spring Break is a fun time of year for many college students to get away from classes and enjoy some much needed time off with friends! While Spring Break is all about having fun, it is important to keep safety at the top of mind. In this blog post you will read some important tips to ensure that you and your friends stay safe all break long. 

      1. Research your destination. Doing some research prior to your trip will be super helpful. You will learn what areas you need to stay away from and common scams to be aware of. 
      2. Bring personal safety items. Some of our favorites include pepper spray, door safety bar, and an invisaWear! Our jewelry and accessories have the ability to share your location with up-to 5 emergency contacts and even 9-1-1 (US only) when double pressed. 
      3. Don't share too much information. According to RAINN, sharing too much information such as your location may endanger your safety. It is common to meet new people on Spring Break. While meeting new people may sound harmless, it is important to keep in mind that the people you meet are strangers. You NEVER know anyone's true intentions! If anyone asks where you're staying, simply give them a random hotel name or be vague about your answer.
      4. Practice the buddy system. It is always smart to bring a friend wherever you go, even if you're just going to the restroom. If for any reason you do leave without your friends, be sure to share the details of your whereabouts and when they should expect you back. With invisaWear Premium, you could utilize the Activity Tracking feature so that you are sharing your location with an ADT agent and friends. Set the timer to the time you think you'll be back! If the timer goes off, ADT and your friends will be notified and emergency services will be dispatched to your location, if necessary. 
      5. Create a code word. Creating a code word or secret signal could be useful if you are feeling uncomfortable and need a friend to intervene! Another handy tool offered with invisaWear Premium is the chat feature. Feeling uncomfortable while sitting at the bar? Chat with an ADT agent using the app. They'll be able to see your live location and can get you help quickly if you need it.
      6. Drink safely. Take turns drinking so that one friend is on alert per night. Also, never accept drinks from a stranger! If you accept a drink ensure that you personally see the drink get made by the bartender. Keep a watchful eye over your drink/s throughout the night. We highly recommend, invisaWear Cup Cover - Drink Spiking Prevention Scrunchie.
      7. Have a list of phone numbers handy. In case you lose your phone have a list of phone numbers ready to contact your friends/loved ones. 
      8. If you are feeling unsafe or unwell, don't hesitate to ask for help. If at any point you feel sick or unsafe tell a friend and contact 9-1-1 if needed. With invisaWear Premium, you could utilize the Live Video Call feature to show what is going on to an ADT agent who could call for help if needed.