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Rajia and Ray’s Valentine’s Day Favorites!

Kim Morales -
Rajia and Ray’s Valentine’s Day Favorites!

We know, we know, everyone says Valentine’s Day is simply a “Hallmark holiday” but what can we say we love LOVE so we’re sharing our top gift ideas! Also, Valentine’s Day is not a trademarked day for lovers but a day to show yourself some love and indulge a bit. So whether you’re celebrating the day with your significant other or by yourself, our co-founders, Rajia and Ray, are sharing their top gift suggestions for this love fueled holiday! 

Rajia's Top Valentine's Day Gifts!

Rajia, our CEO and co-founder, is a girl after our own heart: beautiful jewelry, a spa night and makeup! Here are her top picks for Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) gifts! 

Sterling Forever Jewelry! Beautiful jewelry that is guaranteed to last a lifetime! Yes, please! Also, we may be biased, but Sterling Forever jewelry pairs beautifully with invisaWear! 

Embr Wave: For all of the women who always feel cold it this personal thermostat will help them feel warm! Basically this beautiful device allows you to control the way you experience temperature, so you can feel more comfortable anywhere! By the way, Rajia loves hers! 

YayMaker: Locally hosted events where you’ll laugh, drink and connect! Paint night, plant night, design a sign and candle making events! How could you go wrong with these fun activities to do together?! Rajia is personally a fan of paint nites!  

Spa Night Supplies! Who doesn’t love a pretty box filled with all the things to indulge in a spa night in?! Bath bombs, eye masks, fuzzy socks, a comfy robe, hair band and face masks (Rajia’s favorite is Glam Glow) are the perfect supplies to fill your spa night gift box!

Makeup! Need we say more?! Rajia is a huge fan of HudaBeauty Makeup, from their beautifully pigmented eye shadow palettes to their Kayali fragrance collection, Huda Beauty, created by Huda Kattan, is the one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty brands. 

Ray's Valentine's Day Getaway Guide!

Ray, our CTO and co-founder, believes traveling to new places and creating lasting memories is the perfect gift! He shared his list top list of travel destinations as well as his favorite things to do in each! Who's ready to book their Valentine’s Day getaway? 

My fiance and I usually love to gift each other with a surprise trip somewhere. Both of us love to travel to new places and create memories that will last a lifetime. It doesn't have to be anywhere crazy far that you have to fly to. Often times we'll book an Airbnb for a weekend getaway, other times it might just be one night out to somewhere nearby. If we're celebrating something big then we might be up to travel a little farther. Some of our favorite places we've gone to have been:

Burlington, VT: Visit some of the best breweries in the world, eat at amazing restaurants that source their food from local farms. 

Kingston, NY: A lot of hiking nearby and art galleries to see maybe take a stroll through Poets’ Walk Park. 

Portsmouth, NH: Great local shops to visit! My favorite is the Salt Cellar!

Poconos, PA - Beautiful scenery, great for a romantic weekend getaway

San Diego, CA - Go hiking at potato chip rock, maybe visit Temecula for some wine tasting, also best weather on the planet 

Orlando, FL - Can't go wrong here. Every thrill or amusement park to choose from. I'm totally a Disney Kid for Life.

Washington D.C - Go visit the U.S capital! So much history; Capitol building, Washington Monument, Abe Lincoln Memorial, The White House. Also all of the Smithsonian Museums are FREE.

Looking for some International Travel?

Montreal, Canada - Lots of parks to walk through or maybe ride bikes through. Also great if you're close enough to not have to fly!

Ireland (Literally anywhere) - My all time favorite place on the planet. Make sure to stop at the Guinness Factory in Dublin, visit Blarney Castle in Cork, Galway has great nightlife for any age group, maybe stay one of the Aran Islands for a night.

London, UK - What a fantastic place to be! So many iconic things to see; Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace. etc. Go get some afternoon tea, maybe some pub hopping at some great gastropubs.

Amalfi Coast, Italy - Haven't been here yet, but I'm dying to see these cliffs, drink amazing wine and take a swim in the Mediterranean.

Santorini, Greece - Also haven't been here yet either. Can't wait to see those sunsets. Maybe we'll go visit on our honeymoon!

Pro Tip: Want to make sure you eat the BEST food where you're going? My go-to is Trip Advisor, or you can also use Yelp to find the best places to eat. Reviews will tell you everything you need to know about the food/service and pictures will give you an even better insight on what the restaurant vibe is like. We're total foodies, so we never want to miss out on a great meal whenever we're traveling. 

Better Pro Tip: Give her an invisaWear to make sure you're both safe while traveling!