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Our Top Safety Tips for Realtors

Kim Morales -
Our Top Safety Tips for Realtors

If you’re a real estate agent you’re more than likely always working alone, showing properties and entering homes with people you really don’t know. Safety should always be a priority. In honor of September being Realtor Safety Month we are sharing some of our top safety tips for agents. 

- Try your best to schedule your showings before dark - if you must show a property after dark be sure to turn all of the lights on as you go through. 

- Limit the amount of personal information that you share. 

- Touch base with someone and always let them know where you are going and when you anticipate being back. Also, give that person the clients name and number that you are meeting with. 

- Leave your purse in your car so you can't get robbed - carry only non-valuable items (except for your cell phone) and don’t wear expense jewelry or watches. 

- Take note of license plate numbers for visitors

- When showing a property never be the first to enter a room - always have the client walk in front of you, don’t lead them. Use gestures to direct them. 

- Never leave your phone out of reach and make sure your phone has a full battery charge.

- Don't park in the driveway or in a position that would allow you to be blocked in by another car. 

- Know all your exits (doorways) - plan at least two escape routes just to be safe. 

- Take a self-defense course.

- Invest in an invisaWear - if you’re ever in an emergency situation simply double-press the back of your invisaWear charm and you’ll notify your 5 pre-selected emergency contacts, and 9-1-1, with an S.O.S alert and your GPS location.