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Our Tips for Staying Safe and Preventing Tragic Attacks

Kim Morales -
Our Tips for Staying Safe and Preventing Tragic Attacks

Statistics show that nearly 1 in every 5 women is attacked at some point in her lifetime. Sadly, many of these emergencies happen nearby friends/family, but there isn’t enough time to contact loved ones or police. 

We were heart-broken to hear about Sarah Everard, the young woman who was found dead days after she disappeared while walking home alone from a friend’s apartment. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sarah Everard and her family. This heartbreaking tragedy is the exact reason we created invisaWear. If you haven’t heard our story, our Founder Rajia, started the company after a scary situation she had where she was followed by a group of men. Although Rajia wasn’t hurt, she couldn’t get it out of her mind that tragedies, like what happened to Sarah, happen every day and that could have been her. She declined a prestigious job opportunity with tech giant Google to start invisaWear because we want to put an end to these awful crimes. 

Our hope is to prevent tragic attacks like this from being successful by enabling people to alert their loved ones discreetly when they need help. Our mission of safety goes beyond our smart jewelry and accessories. We believe that everyone should have a layered approach to feeling safe and protecting themselves. 

In addition to protecting yourself with an invisaWear we encourage you to layer your protection by: 

  • Purchasing Self Defense Tools 
    • We personally recommend checking out Fabulyss Boutique.
    • We recommend using your invisaWear to call for help but there are several products available on Fabulyss Boutique that you can use to defend yourself.
  • Utilizing Fake Phone Call Apps if you ever feel unsafe while out alone. 
    • We recommend checking out Jake Goodman on TikTok. He’s created several amazing safety call videos that you can play if you’re ever uncomfortable while out alone! 
  • Signing up for an invisaWear Premium Subscription 
    • With an invisaWear premium subscription, you have 24/7 access to trained ADT agents who can stay with you on the line anytime you feel unsafe. Need someone to stay with you on the line while you walk to your car? We got your back! Feeling uncomfortable in a rideshare? Chat with an agent using the app. They'll be able to see your live location and can get you help quickly if you need it.

At invisaWear, we aim to positively empower users in feeling safe, secure, and connected. We envision a world that’s safer for everyone and our hope is to provide users with a hassle-free way to stay connected with their loved ones. Shop our collection of smart jewelry and accessories that could save you or a loved ones life here!