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National Safety Month: Summertime Safety Tips

Kim Morales -
National Safety Month: Summertime Safety Tips

June is National Safety Month and, as you know, our mission is to empower users to protect themselves and those they love and stay safe by wearing an invisaWear! So in honor of National Safety Month we’re sharing some tips on how to stay safe this summer! We would love to hear your safety tips - comment and let us know! 


Swimming is, of course, one of the most popular activities during the summer months. With that being said, always swim with a friend and ensure, wherever you are swimming, that there is a lifeguard on duty.


Bicycling is a fun and budget friendly activity for these warmer months but be sure you bike safely by always wearing a helmet, riding with the flow of traffic and obeying all traffic signals and signs. 

research the destination

Heading to a new destination this summer? Be sure to research the destination and the surrounding neighborhoods as well as safe lodging and transportation options for the area. 

stay off your phone

When you’re out enjoying these warm nights, be sure to limit your distractions (stay off your phone and focus solely on your surroundings) and walk with a purpose - that will ensure you look confident and less like a victim. 

As always, for an extra layer of security, protection and peace of mind we recommend that you invest in an invisaWear - simply by double pressing that back of your invisaWear charm you’ll be able to notify your emergency contacts, and 9-1-1, if you are ever in an emergency situation. 

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