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invisaWear{ER} Spotlight: Ellen Collins

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invisaWear{ER} Spotlight: Ellen Collins

We love our customers and we love hearing how their invisaWear gives them peace of mind and how thankful they are for the added layer of security. Through our invisaWear{ER} series we’re casting a spotlight on some of our customers and sharing some of our their personal stories. Recently invisaWear customer, Ellen Collins, allowed us to ask her a few questions about her decision to purchase an invisaWear and how wearing it makes her feel. 

invisaWear: Tell us more about yourself Ellen.

Ellen: I am a professional actress and body positive advocate. When I’m not acting I run my family’s small business (T.K.O Malley’s.) 

invisaWear: Tell us why you decided to invest in an invisaWear. 

Ellen: I decided to invest in invisaWear as a result of a domestically violent relationship. There were many times I thought about calling for help, but couldn’t because nothing was easily accessible. InvisaWear allows a woman to alert her loved ones she is in dire need of help without alarming her attacker. I wish this product had been available sooner, but I have peace of mind knowing it is available now. 

invisaWear: Our mission is to empower users to protect themselves and feel safe, confident and connected when wearing our products. Tell us, how does wearing your invisaWear make you feel.

Ellen: It makes me feel empowered, protected, confident and safe. I am often traveling or out and I feel protected knowing if an emergency arises I can easily access my loved ones. 

invisaWear: What is your favorite invisaWear style? 

Ellen: The Silver Expandable Bracelet and the Gold Flower Keychain

invisaWear: As an invisaWear{ER} what advice do you have for others who are thinking about purchasing an invisaWear? 

Ellen: invisaWear is a must have for any woman. It is a legitimate lifesaver!

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