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invisaWear® donates $5K to Strong City!

invisaWear® donates $5K to Strong City!

Nate Nead -

We're thrilled to announce that we're donating $5K to Strong City to help stop sexual assaults from happening! We were honored to be featured on the Rachael Ray Show where she announced our donation to Strong City, a network of citizens who work to improve our cities one project at a time. With our donation, we're hoping to help stop even one sexual assault from happening.

Peter Gold, who was a medical student at Tulane back in 2015, started Strong City after witnessing a woman being assaulted down the street by a man. Without hesitation, Peter got out of his vehicle to help the woman and to his surprise was shot in the abdomen. The entire incident, caught on surveillance, could have had a different outcome after it was discovered that the gunman's weapon failed to fire twice.
After the chilling, near-death experience, Peter asked himself, “What happened in this man’s life to act so violently?” and from that, he created his 501c3 non-profit, “Strong City” which is dedicated to educating at-risk and underprivileged youth from ever getting to that point—through education, project-based giving, gun violence research, and citizen support.
Strong City Partners with organizations like YEP (Youth Empowerment Project) to help them serve their youth community by offering things such as mentorship programs.
This donation is so near and dear to our hearts because just a few years ago invisaWear received a check from a non-profit organization called EforAll that was in the same amount to start invisaWear. We'll never forget how grateful we were for that donation and how that first $5k helped us create prototypes that led us to raise investor funding. We're so fortunate that we're now in a position to give back to a foundation that works tirelessly to put an end to sexual assault from the roots up! 
The Sad Facts:

-> Every 68 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. 
-> Sadly, 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. 

These statistic are highly unacceptable, and it needs to change. This is exactly the reason we created invisaWear to help accelerate obtaining assistance during an emergency. 
We recognize that this is not enough, and that we need to do more to help prevent these attacks from happening in the first place. We are committed to a diverse approach to tackle these complex issues by donating to non-
profit organizations like Strong City that help support this goal. 
Click the link to learn more about Strong City: