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Halloween Safety Tips!

Halloween Safety Tips!

McKayla Torres -

Halloween is coming up and is one of the most exciting times of the year where for one night, you get to dress up as anyone or anything you’d like. Halloween is typically thought of as a fun night with “tricks and treats” but we want to remind you that safety should always be a priority.

Here are some safety tips to ensure the night is enjoyable and most importantly safe for everyone!

For trick-or-treaters: 

  • Wear bright clothing or reflective tape
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Dress for the weather and layer if needed
  • Stay in groups
  • Don't eat anything until it is inspected by a responsible adult
  • Don’t go inside any house for any reason! Candy should be placed where visible
  • Let someone know of your intended route - If you are premium customer, turn on activity tracking

For adults: 

  • Don't go to a party alone
  • Always practice the buddy system
  • Be aware of your drink! Consider purchasing a drink spiking prevention cup cover found on
  • Try to only drink from closed drinks like cans  
  • Let a loved one (who's not at the party) know where you are and what time you expect to be home!
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged before leaving the house
  • Bring invisaWear + Self-Defense Keychains
  • If drinking, be sure to have a ride back home that way you are protecting yourself and potential trick or treaters!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween! - invisaWear