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A Message From Our CEO

Rajia Abdelaziz -
A Message From Our CEO

When I was a little girl, my mom would always cry whenever something good happened. I never really understood it. Why in the world is she crying if she’s happy? Don’t people only cry when they’re sad? Tears of happiness were not something I ever understood at such a young age.  

Fast-forward many years later, I get a phone call from one of the invisaWear team members who tells me that we just saved our first life. A woman was in an emergency situation, she had her phone with her but it was too far out of reach so she had to use her invisaWear necklace to call for help. Her family and the police were notified and it ended up saving her life. She was now safe and she personally called our team to tell us what happened and to thank us for helping her during her emergency. As tears streamed down my face it was in that moment that I really understood what tears of happiness were. I don’t think words can describe what it’s like to know a product you worked so hard to create played such a crucial role in helping someone during an emergency.

When Ray (invisaWear’s CTO) and I first started invisaWear two years ago, people would always tell us about all the things that could go wrong and they’d list out all the reasons we could possibly fail. People would make comments like “90% of startups never make it to market so the odds are just against you”. I’d always tell Ray and the team that we needed to remain focused on the positive: “What if we do develop this product and it one day saves someone’s life”. To have that moment come to life and to know that we’ve not only saved one person’s life but multiple people's lives, overwhelms our team with joy.

Thank you to everyone who believed in our team and our product. Hearing stories from our users on how confident and empowered they feel wearing our products every day is what fuels us to pour our hearts and soles into this company every day. 

If you have a story about how invisaWear helps you feel safer, we’d love to hear it! Ray and I still read every heartfelt note we receive. So please don’t hesitate to email us your story at: and stay tuned for our next blog posts which will include tips on staying safe, customer spotlights, and more!

Stay Safe & Stylish,

Rajia Abdelaziz

invisaWear CEO